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How Does An Italian kid, That Could barely speak English A couple years ago, Consistently turn strangers into customers like Clockwork?

The answer will shock and delight you. read on to discover his simple #1 marketing secret...

'It’s an amazing simple SECRET that Has the ability to Instantly turning complete strangers into paying
customers no matter your experience, what your price is, or  how many testimonials you have...'

From: Nick Tribe
Somewhere in Europe

Dear Friend,

Let's cut to the chase. 

If you're on this page...

It means that you want to know my secret.

And for a good reason. 

This very secret is the reason an Italian kid (me) was able to turn complete strangers into paying customers on repeat.

I can see how for an entrepreneur like you, it might be worth a ton.

No wonder you'd like to get your hands on it.

But maybe you're a little bit skeptical.


Makes sense.

The internet is full of people making big, bold, claims.

Most of them, they're just talk.

Bla, bla bla.

And yet...

Here you are, scanning down this page...

Looking for the #1 marketing secret I promised you in the headline.


Because I've likely piqued your curiosity.

And now...

I'm teasing you.

*sad face*.

I'm enticing you to read further and further.

Am I not?

To make you more and more interested in what I have to share...

Actually wondering if I'm ever going to reveal the secret...

Or if it was all just an empty promise to get you to read this copy?


I'll stop.

I'm losing your interest.

Yes, I'll deliver.

I'm actually going to reveal the secret.

The 'secret sauce'.

The juicy stuff.



Here it is.


Mastering copywriting has been my #1 secret sauce.

Copywriting is what made you read this far.

Copywriting is often the hidden treasure of profitable campaigns.

I owe much of my business success to this simple art.

Thanks to the art of effective copywriting, I was able to convert strangers into customers and sell products across different countries worldwide.

All just by using the power of the written word.

Crazy, if you actually think about it.

To convince people who didn't know me, from another part of the globe, to pull up their credit card from their wallet and buy my products and services...

Only by reading words.

Crazy but extremely powerful.

Now, consider this.

This Letter Exists For 2 Reasons

Reason #1: So that you’ll eventually hire me and my team to help you get a torrential flood of new customers for your business using high performing direct response marketing. 

Reason #2: To show you that I can actually deliver on this promise so that you’ll actually want to do Reason #1 as quickly as possible.

Pretty blunt, right?

Maybe too much.


Let's not waste time here.

My name is Nick Tribe and I'm a DJ, Direct Response Marketer, and Business Builder.

As you’ll soon find out, I’m going to be fully transparent, honest, and blunt with you through this page.


This is the part where most of my fellow marketers would start to throw big numbers to impress you. 

I'm Not Going To do Any Of That.

I'm not here to dazzle you with random numbers, miraculous case studies, or million-dollar figures. 

In fact, I believe that relying too much on past success stories can actually be counterproductive when it comes to copywriting.

Here's why: every project is unique, and what worked in the past may not work in the future. 

Copywriting is not a one-size-fits-all formula, and any copywriter or marketer who claims to have a magic solution for your business is probably overselling their abilities.

What many copywriters and marketers fail to mention are the variables of the offer. 

Consider this example.

A great product sold to an audience that's ready to buy is kind of easy. 

The same product promoted to a cold audience that knows nothing about the seller or the product...not so much.

The context in which your offer is presented, the competition, the timing, the price, and other factors can make or break your sales letter or marketing campaign.

That's why I approach every project with a fresh perspective, a keen eye for details, and a deep understanding of your unique business goals and target audience. 

I don't rely on templates, tricks, or gimmicks to sell products or services. 

Instead, I take the time to research, analyze, and craft a compelling message that speaks to the heart of customer's needs and desires.

Here's another reason why I won't throw numbers at you.

Numbers don't lie, but they can often hide the full story. 

That's why I'm not going to promise you instant riches, overnight success, or unrealistic expectations. 

But enough of my 'hate' for case studies.

Let's cover what's really on your mind.

'How Can You GUARANTEE A Torrential Flood
Of People Ready To Buy For My Business?'

Well, good question.

I could tell you a good deal of success stories...

High converting sales funnels...

Sales generated...

Even WITHOUT an audience or having ANY testimonial....

Or that time that my brother and I beat a Multi-Million Dollar Agency from our bedroom with an ad campaign.

But I said I was going to be blunt, remember?

So here's the short answer.

I can't.

And I won't.

Anyone who promises you guaranteed results in copywriting or marketing is either lying, delusional, or again... not telling the full story. 

The truth is that there are too many variables involved in selling a product or service to make any guarantees of success. 

The effectiveness of a direct response campaign depends on many factors, such as the quality of your offer, the target market, your reputation, and your competition, among others.

That's why I cannot guarantee an instant torrential flood of sales to anyone. 


Enough of what I can't do.

Let's tackle what I can do for your venture instead.

Like for example....

How The *RIGHT* message Can Instantly Make Your Prospects Open Up Their Wallet To Buy From You
WITHOUT Sounding Even Remotely Pushy Or Salesy 

Crafting a message that resonates with your target audience is like having a secret weapon in your sales arsenal. 

With the right message, you can instantly connect with your prospects and make them feel like you understand their needs and desires better than anyone else.

Now, here's what many (even the successful) entrepreneurs often get wrong.

Sales letter writing is a specialized genre. 

Direct response marketing it's not so easy as it might seem.

You can just put together a stuffy pitch and expect to make sales.

It involves the art of persuasion. 

And let me tell you, it is a true art. 

It has its own established laws and rules, and it's not easy.

But for the very few that are able to harness its power, the rewards are infinite.

Have you ever come across a salesperson who just won't stop pushing you to buy their product? It's a real turnoff, isn't it? 

The truth is, nobody likes being sold to. And yet, we all want to buy things that make our lives better, easier, or more enjoyable.

So, how do you get people to buy from you without sounding like a sleazy used car salesman? 

The answer is simple: you need the right message.

You need the *right* copy.

But here's the thing: creating the right message is easier said than done. 

It takes time, effort, and expertise to craft a message that really hits the mark. 

And that's where I come in.

After you hire me, my number #1 goal becomes
the creation of a message that sells. Period.

No 'creative' writing.

No vanity metrics.

Nothing of the kind.

A message that sells.


You see...

I live and breathe sales.

I've read countless books on the topic.

Watched hours of videos.

Consumed dozens of courses.

And I quickly realized this.

Knowing how to craft a message that will make your prospects take notice, and most importantly, take action and buy is the true key.

It's not just about fancy words or clever phrases. 

It's about understanding your audience and what makes them tick. It's about knowing how to tap into their desires, their pain points, and their fears. 

And that's exactly what I'm going to be doing.

So here's the deal.

I'm going to offer a bunch of options, and you can choose which one better fits your needs.

Option #1: Done-For-You Sales Letter

I Can Write A Killer Sales Letter For Your Product In 14 Days 

This option is designed for entrepreneurs that have a product or service to sell at scale.

In just 14 days, I can write you a killer sales letter that will make your product irresistible to your target market. 

I'm not talking about your average, run-of-the-mill sales copy. I'm talking about a message that will grab your prospects' attention, hold it, and compel them to take action.

It works best for digital products, coaching, consulting, or services.

When you become a done-for-you sales letter client...

We ask that you provide with every information you have regarding your product or service (characteristics, offer, target audience, price, etc.)
We’ll handle all the planning, outlining, research, writing, and draft editing
of your sales letter…
Give you a .doc document with your persuasive sales letter
You'll have unlimited revisions & 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back

Price: € 2997

(One Time Payment)

Option #2: Premium Offer Creation

We Can Help You Create and Market Test a Compelling Offer 

This program is designed for people looking to create new and compelling offer for their market.

Our strategy for developing and testing offers quickly allows you to rapidly enter the market and e the go-to choice for the people or businesses who need your help the most.

This is a 6-month coaching program.

Inside this program, we’ll help you:

Develop a premium offer you can quickly test to your market.
Launch your offer and attract clients in a matter of few weeks (sometimes days)
Give you access to all of our resources, templates, & trainings we use on a daily basis.
Set the prices right so you can spend money on ads and still stay profitable 

You'll also get a 1-1 chat with me on Slack where you can ask all of your questions, and bi-weekly calls to make sure you're on track with your goals.

Plus, it's guaranteed. Either you meet your goals or I will keep working for you for free until you do. No risk at all.

All for a ridiculous monthly price.

Price: € 497 / month

(One Time Payment)

About THe author

Nick Tribe

Nick Tribe emerged as one of the most promising up and coming DJs and producers in 2021 following the success of his Mashup Series "M /\ S H U P L A N D" - which has hit the Top 10 Future House, Top 10 Electro House as well as the Top 100 Global Hyppedit chart.

His tracks have been supported by international artists worldwide such as BOUGENVILLA, Sam Collins, Rave Republic, and DREW G - among many others.

He's the founder of Tribelex Records, a new hybrid record label and marketing company built for the dance music industry dedicated to help DJs, Producers, and Event Owners better promote themselves.You can find more about me at

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