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"Is It Possible To Attract Clients Instead Of Chasing Them?"

Even If You Don't Have A Portfolio, 10K Followers, Or Years Of Experience?

From: Nick Tribe's Desk | Founder 749 Media

Dear New Coach, Consultant, Or Service Provider,

Looking for clients it’s difficult, requires hard work and most importantly…


Yep, I said it.

Now, you definitely need clients. And for a good reason.

Without a sufficient and steady stream of people with whom you can exchange value for money, nothing else about your business matters.

Thinking about all the things you can (and should) do…You are LITERALLY both confused and frustrated.

What’s the best way to get clients in 2022?

Tiktok videos” says the social media guru.

"Just cold call 150 people per day and hustle!” says the 45 years salesman that got stuck in the 90s. 

"Go to networking events
" says the blog article you found googling tips to get clients.

Look, ESPECIALLY in this day and age where ANYONE has an opinion on anything…

Being pulled in thousands of different directions is Extremely DANGEROUS for you.

I know that, because I speak from experience.

Back in 2020 I had just started my agency with my brother from our bedroom.

We were excited to start our own business but…

We had literally NO CLUE WHATSOEVER on how to get clients.

Damn clients.

You actually need them to build a real business.


So we rolled up our sleeves… and boy did we try.

I personally read a TON of business books, watched a bunch of courses…

Basically anything that I could get my hands on, I consumed it.

As long as we were learning, we applied ANYTHING.

We sent emails, made phone calls, screamed on social media, ran Facebook and Google ads, added people on LinkedIn and so on.

You name it, we tried it.

We even tried to assemble a sales team from scratch (made of people that knew almost NOTHING about sales *spoiler: it didn't perform*).

Among MANY failures...We had some wins.

But we weren’t satisfied…at all.

The process was time consuming and most importantly…

We didn’t want to chase clients.

We wanted them to come to us.

You see, before we found out every piece of information, every tool, every technique that we put in this book…

We were just young aspiring entrepreneurs looking for a way to kick start their business without having to chase clients and slide into stranger’s DMs…

So we studied, we implemented, and we tested ANYTHING that was possible to attract clients…

And at the beginning, it wasn’t easy.

But then test after test…

Trial after trial…

We saw the first results.

People started reaching out interested in our offers!

*PROOF Here*

Armed with this new knowledge, we started our first client attraction campaign.

It was so good… that we even beat a Multi-Million-Dollar Agency.

(If you don’t believe us, *click here*).

I still remember that day.

We were in our bedroom, and we just realized the power of our core competence. 

How to consistently attract a flow of people that are interested in what you have to offer.

That was our ‘secret sauce’.

Now, think about that: how powerful would that be for your business?

When applied correctly, the techniques outlined in this playbook will decrease the time, money, and energy you'll have to spend on client acquisition...

Leaving you more space to think about your business, ways to make it better, while actually enjoying it.

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