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Finally Available To The Public...


Founder of marketing agency agrees to give away his secrets just to prove his Marketing Stuff works…

From: Nick Tribe 

Somewhere in Europe

Dear Entrepreneur / Business Builder,

If you're looking to get new strategies and tactics on how to get a bunch of leads, sales, and ultimately profit...

Then this document will be one of the most important document you'll ever read.


You're probably wondering why on earth would I give away our agency secrets.

Well, it's quite simple.

This Document Exists For 2 Reasons:

Reason #1: So that you’ll eventually hire me and my team to help you implement everything you read here.

Reason #2: To get you Results in Advance so that you’ll actually want to do Reason #1 as quickly as possible.

As you’ll soon find out, I’m going to be fully transparent, honest, and blunt with you through the pages of this document. 

I want you to believe I can help you. 

But first, let’s take care of something that I know that’s in your mind right now.

“Who The He*k Are You And Why Should
I Listen To A Single Word You Say?”

Fair question.

My name is Nick Tribe and I’m a DJ, Producer, and founder of various businesses.

This means that I usually spend my time reading books, making music, and creating and selling products and services in different markets and niches.

But that’s not what you really want to know.

You want to know if I can help your business sell more stuff.

And to answer that I could tell you all about how we helped people worldwide to look better, gain clarity, and sell more…

I could tell you a lot of things.

But so do many other people. 

Making big *unrealistic* claims…

So I’m not going to do that. 

No sir.

I won't scream louder.

Nor will I insult your intelligence.

I’m going to convince you by making a confession. 


A confession.

Something that most people out there aren’t doing because they are afraid of how it would make them look…

But I’m not.

So here it is…

I am NOT a Marketing Genius.

I wish I was.

But instead, I had to learn everything.

From scratch.

Because even if I studied economics and business at one of the most prestigious universities in my country…

I didn’t learn a single useful thing there about how to actually sell some stuff.

So here’s where my marketing skills come from.

Hours and hours of learning.

Reading hundreds of books.

I’m serious.


Some of them were great, some of them were good and some of them were terrible.

But one thing is for certain: they all had one thing in common.

They all changed the way I think about business and my life in general.

Acquiring knowledge from the best marketers and salespeople out there dramatically boosted my skill set.

Learning how to sell stuff really comes in handy in a variety of situations.

But learning alone is not enough.

I had to put in hours and hours of practice too.

Doing all of that I learned something really important.

Kind of a shortcut.

Wanna know what it is?


Here it is.

Modeling what is already working is a shortcut to success.

Someone famous said “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.”

I think this is a great way to approach a marketing campaign.


Because tactics change, but fundamentals stay the same.

The ways people buy may change. 

People order online instead of going to the store.

But the “why” people buy doesn’t change. 

And that’s what really matters.

In fact, I wasn’t really good at tactics at the beginning of my journey.

But since I understood the fundamentals, I got some results.

And since you’re here to see some results, I’m going to share some of them with you.

Like that time where…

We Crafted A Campaign
SO GOOD That a Multi-Million
Dollar Agency Threatened To
Just To Stop It…

It was an afternoon like the others. 

We had started our agency a few months earlier, so we headed into our home-office ready to work, when we saw something in our postbox.

The mailman had come in the morning, and left a notice regarding a recorded delivery letter. 

We were worried. 

Who the hell would send us a recorded delivery letter? 

When we went to the post office, we found out that one of the biggest legal firms in our country was the actual sender.

The content? 

A letter of formal notice, in which a multi-million dollar agency threatened to sue us if we didn’t do what they asked.

What did they want? 

Well, everything we had created until that moment.

Our domain, our name, our social media pages, everything.

They relied on the fact that they were “so famous and well known in the industry” and that our business names were too similar.

Of course, it wasn’t true. It was just a pretext to take us down.

The month before, my brother (21) and I (24) started our very first lead generation campaign for our agency.

It was going great.

We were getting leads every single day, and our list was growing exponentially.

Unfortunately, they saw it too.

Therefore, instead of fighting us on the field, abiding by the rules, as the economic competition would want, they did something else.

They claimed we weren’t playing by the rules, so they asked the referee to end the game.

However, that wasn’t the truth.

We hired a lawyer, and we responded. Sparing you the details, we stated that all their claims were unjustified and they had nothing to ask.

Then, we faced what a lot of businesses in our position had faced before.

A big choice: to fight…or not to fight?

On the one hand, we wanted to fight. 

We knew we did nothing wrong. 

Our names were different, our brand colors were nothing alike, and frankly, we knew they just wanted to shut us down and steal our work. 

They saw an opportunity. The proof was that during all the negotiations, they insisted on keeping all this matter a secret. 

They didn’t want anyone to know that they bullied two kids that had just started a few months earlier, thus preventing them from entering the market.

On the other hand, under the precious advice of our lawyer, we understood we didn’t have the financial resources to take on a legal fight that could potentially run for years.

Some time passed.

We were stuck for a while.

Then, we realized something.

The name was irrelevant

We hadn’t even created a brand around it (not enough time), and most importantly, our fundamental asset was our own knowledge.

They couldn’t take that away from us.

Our know-how on creating effective campaigns that could generate leads.

Our know-how on creating content that attracted followers.

Our know-how on converting followers into paying customers.

Our combined skill-set was our competitive edge, and that was going to stay with us no matter what.

We didn’t have to fight them.

We only had to tell them to f*ck off and end the matter.

And that’s exactly what we did.

We told them that we weren’t going to give them anything. We were going to change the name anyway, so they had nothing to claim.

We signed the final agreement, thus solving the issue.

The paradox is that this story gave us an unfair advantage in our business.

We were the ones who beat a multi-million dollar agency at their own game, using only a laptop in our own bedroom.

They gave us proof that we were good at what we were doing.

This provided us with more exposure, more opportunities, and therefore, more clients.

P.S. I wish I could speak with some of their big clients and tell them the story, but unfortunately I can’t (for now).

For now, I can tell you another story.

Like that time that we helped a restaurant with its marketing.

How We Helped A Restaurant Owner BOOST His Online Reservations
By 427% In 54 Days

One client of ours was a restaurant.

We had the goal to increase the tables booked through online marketing.

First, we built a website.

Then, we built an automated system to deliver confirmation e-mails to both the customer and the restaurant owner.

Then, it was time to craft the offer to make people want to reserve a table online.

We spent some time considering changes.

Then, I remember looking at my brother and asking him:“As customers, what would we like the way to book a table to be?

He told me:“Something that’s easy, quick, and gives the confirmation right after.”

It was a big a-ha moment.

Instead of building another page of the website, we just made a quick form on the home page that people could fill out in seconds and book a table instantly.

It looked something like this.

Simple and straightforward.

Bust most importantly, quick to fill-out and fast to get a confirmation message.

This simple technique literally boosted online reservations.

We went from barely no one to getting dozens of people per day.

The client was happy and surprised at the same time.

The new reservations were also great because the restaurant was also building an e-mail list of its customers as a by product, which is a golden asset to possess for future marketing efforts. 

This might sound like common knowledge, yet it’s incredible how many  entrepreneurs and business owners often forget about this stuff.

Golden Nugget Tip

Whatever you sell, make sure you communicate that the delivery is going to be quick and they are going to get what they want fast.

That was a good one.

The next story is about achieving something that many entrepreneurs and business owners desperately want to.

To ATTRACT instead of chasing. 

Chasing customers is a losing game. It's time-consuming, expensive, and it's exhausting for all parties involved.

What if you could attract your customers to you instead?

The most successful businesses are those that have gone out of their way to attract customers—rather than spending time and money in vain attempts to chase them down and convince them to do business with them. 

Businesses that chase after customers tend to have higher turnover rates and lower customer satisfaction ratings than those that attract customers.

Also, when you're running after new leads, there's a sense of urgency that means you're more likely to make bad decisions about who to hire or what price points to offer.

Think about your favorite coffee shop. 

You'd be willing to bet that the owner of your favorite coffee shop didn't spend his or her time trying to chase down every single person driving by on the street and forcing them to come in and try a cup of coffee. 

Rather, he or she probably worked hard to attract the right customers with a great product, an inviting atmosphere and a pleasant customer service experience.

The same can be said for any organization that has loyal customers—from restaurants to retail stores to Saas startups. 

They don't just chase people down; they put effort into creating a functioning marketing system that will attract the right kind of people over and over again.

So…how to actually  attract customers?

Back in 2020 I had just started my agency with my brother from our bedroom. We were excited to start our own business but…

We had literally on how to get clients.

Damn clients. You actually need them to build a real business.

So we rolled up our sleeves… and boy did we try.

I personally read a TON of business books, watched a bunch of courses

Basically anything that I could get my hands on, I consumed it.

As long as we were learning, we applied ANYTHING.

We sent emails, made phone calls, screamed on social media, ran Facebook and 

Google ads, added people on LinkedIn and so on. 

You name it, we tried it.

We even tried to assemble a sales team from scratch (made of people that knew almost NOTHING about sales *spoiler: it didn't perform*).

Among MANY failures...We had some wins.

But we weren’t satisfied…at all.

The process was time consuming and most importantly…

We didn’t want to chase clients.

We wanted them to come to us.

So we studied, we implemented, and we tested ANYTHING that was possible to attract clients…

And at the beginning, it wasn’t easy.

But then test after test…

Trial after trial…

We saw the first results.

*** People started reaching out interested in our OFFERS! **

Armed with this new knowledge, we started our first client attraction campaign.

We were in our bedroom, and we just realized the power of our core competence.

How to consistently attract a flow of people that are interested in what you have to offer.

That was our ‘secret sauce’.

Now, think about that: how powerful would that be for your business?

When applied correctly, these techniques will decrease the time, money, and energy you'll have to spend on client acquisition...

Leaving you more space to think about your business, ways to make it better, while actually enjoying it. 

So here's the complete story / case study about it.

How We Magnetically Attracted A Bunch Of People Asking For
Our Services With A *SINGLE*
Piece Of Content

When crafted correctly, a single piece of content can be more than enough to magnetically attract people to your business.

In our case, it was a video for a record label.

I reached out to the owner via LinkedIn and sent a simple proposal offering to set up a collaboration.

We would help them launch their latest music release with videos and images…for free.

They were a rising dance music label with a solid following.

Also, they were well connected and had partnerships with other labels and small music companies.

That move worked greatly.

When the videos and images came out, people started to notice.

It got us the attention of the people we wanted to attract.

That we strategically channeled into our funnel and our offers.

The result was people asking more info about how to get the exact thing they saw published.

That’s how powerful and persuasive  a single piece of content can be.


What if you have no content whatsoever? 

What if you haven’t published a single post on social media ever…?

Is it possible to sell stuff without content?

Yes, it is.

And that’s exactly what the next story is about.

How I Pre-Sold A Book I Didn’t
Write Yet To An Audience That Didn’t Know Me Without Any Reviews, Testimonials, Or Social Media Posts

I’ve always been interested in the nightlife industry.

I’ve started as a nightlife promoter in 2014.

When I had just started, I was desperately searching for clients and practically annoying people just to speak with me.

I know that this industry was lacking some specific sales and marketing training products, so I built a company that does just that.

But I didn’t know if there was actually a market willing to pay for it, so I built a quick sales funnel to test it.

The front-end product was a book that I decided to call ‘Nightlife Marketing Secrets’. 

Since I didn’t want to spend time writing a book that no one cared about, I started selling and promoting before having the book ready.

I build a simple sales page with a long form sales letter selling the pre-order of the book.

I set the retail price at € 27 and the pre-order price at € 9.95.

No upsells. No downsells.

Nothing at all.

I just wanted to test the market.

Then I started driving traffic to it by using Facebook Ads.

I didn’t use any testimonial, since this was a new company and I didn’t have any.

I didn’t post any content. Our Instagram page had zero posts.

After a few hours of turning on the campaigns, sales started coming in.

There was a market for it!

This was the result after a week.

After a while, we shut down the ads and closed the buying window for the pre-order.

The most interesting thing about this funnel is the conversion rates at 13.87% on a cold audience.

People that didn’t know the brand.

Now, the price is € 27 and we’re going to launch a new campaign with a new funnel pretty soon.

This time we’re going to include an order- bump, upsells and downsells as well a high-ticket Done-For-You offer.

You can check this business at www.nightlifeheroes.com 

Golden Nugget Tip

You can sell without testimonials or content if the product or service solves a painful problem to the customer that he/she thinks can't be solved elsewhere.  

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